shimmerdream (shimmerdream) wrote,

LJ Idol Week 01 - Jayus

I’d like to escape to Indonesia because my boss is a tosser.

Jay stared at the sentence on her screen. It was true, but it was hardly the slogan that would win her the once-in-a-lifetime holiday to Indonesia advertised on the country’s tourist website. It couldn’t even be seen as a particularly good joke. She sighed wearily as she tried to think of other reasons to escape to Indonesia but her mind kept drifting back to the job, and her boss’s various comments, which were wearing her down every day.

Jay, I’m allowing Yolanda to arrive late so you’ll have to make extra efforts to get in on time to provide cover for her.

I hear you’re complaining about the air conditioning yet again. It will not be switched off just because you’re cold. You need to learn to compromise. Let me remind you that you’re part of a team, Jay. “Us” is the word you need to remember, not “me”.

For pity’s sake. If you’re incapable of doing the simplest thing, I’ll have to do it myself.

Jay angrily grabbed at her cup of coffee, misjudged the distance, and managed to knock the contents all over her keyboard. “Aargh!” she yelled, while frantically swiping at the mess with a paper napkin.

She groaned when she returned her attention to the screen. “Your entry was successfully sent!” it merrily chirped.


Oh well, it wasn’t as if anything would actually come of it.


A month later, Jay scowled at yet another email headed “Congratulations! You have won a trip to Indonesia!” Couldn’t these scammers think of a less obvious subject heading? she thought. She hit delete and made a mental note to mark emails from as spam.

Then the voicemails started.

“This is Abigail from Wonderful Indonesia. Please could you call back as soon as possible?”

“It’s Abigail from Wonderful Indonesia again. Your slogan ‘I’d like to escape to Indonesia because my boss is a tosser’ really grabbed our attention. You’ve won the competition but you only have two days left to claim your holiday. Please do get in touch.”

Jay gaped at the phone as her hand moved towards the redial button.


A month later, and Jay stood in front of her open suitcase wondering how many bikinis she should pack. She smiled as her mind drifted back to her job and the comments she’d been making virtually every day.

Yolanda, I’m afraid you’ll have to take that 8:30am conference call as I’ll be in Indonesia.

Feel free to leave the air conditioning on. I’ll be warm enough when I’m lying on a beach.

Yes, it was petty but it was also the most fun Jay had had at work in a long time.

She had also written one more thing, and this time it wasn’t a joke.

I would like to hand in my notice…

Tags: fiction, lj idol season 9
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