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LJ Idol season 8, entry 16 - Reinventing the wheel



The moment Hunter heard the cry he, quite literally, leapt into action.  He jumped out of his fifth floor window, landed smoothly on the pavement below and broke easily into a run, his black leather coat billowing out behind him and his canines elongating into fangs.  This was it.  As a crime-fighting vampire, this was what he was meant for. 

As he ran, he imagined how the scene would play out.  He’d fell the… mugger?  It was usually a mugger.  He’d fell the mugger with a well-placed kick.  The woman would turn towards him, tears in her eyes, but he would have mysteriously vanished into the night…

He rounded the corner.  “Freeze!” he shouted, only to see the would-be mugger being bundled into the back of a police car and the woman weeping into the arms of another black-clad man.

What the…?

Hunter strode towards them, and the man gently nudged the woman towards one of the police officers.

“Who the hell are you?” Hunter spluttered.

“Damien.  And you are?”

Hunter scowled, wrong-footed by the way the question had been turned around.  “I fight crime.  I help people in danger.”  He smiled slightly, allowing his fangs to show.  “And I’m a…”

“Vampire.  Join the club.”  Damien grinned and Hunter gaped when he saw Damien also had fangs.

“Really, I mean it.  Have a card.”

Hunter took the proffered card in a daze and peered at it.  “RAVE.  Registered Association of Vampiric Entities,” he read.   He stared at Damien in disbelief.  “There’s a vampire association?”

“Yeah.  You must’ve noticed that it’s become trendy for vampires to give up the blood and help ordinary people.  There are loads of crime-fighting vampires nowadays.  So we figured we could get together, update each other on our karate techniques, share the latest blood-substitutes, that sort of thing.  You’re welcome to join us.”

“No thanks.  I work alone.”

“A lot of our members said that at first, but they soon realised there’s no need to reinvent the wheel.”

Hunter glared at him and stalked off.  Damien couldn’t help but notice, though, that he’d carefully pocketed the card.

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